A lot of what I want to write about on here I can’t. Or rather I daren’t. I’ve been a blogger for longer than I care to remember, but a while back I got leant on by certain people about my use of twitter, for example, & things I’ve said on Facebook. I’m an intensely political person. I’m an anarchist, more specifically an anarcho-socialist / anarcho-syndicalist. When I see shit happening, I want to let people know. I don’t do well with censorship at all. Secrets & lies are fucked up.

Things getting my goat right now mostly revolve around the LibDem-Tory coalition and the so-called opposition, the Labour Party. Currently in Birmingham we’re about to undergo a swathe of cuts that are aimed at saving over £600 million. Per person this adds up to around £149, about double the national average. Essential services of all sorts are going to be cut – and we’re still paying the same council tax. in other words we’re being cheated out of our tax money – we’re paying & getting nothing for it. We’ll have to pay again if we want the services done, only more so because private companies do these things for a profit, where public services are run pretty much at cost. So the people of Birmingham are going to have to pay twice for what we should be getting for our council tax.

Europe. The European Community was a great idea. For ages I was the most committed federalist European. It appealed to my internationalist nature. I’m not a fan of nationalism & boundaries, and for us all to be part of this vast diverse multicultural area called Europe sounded great. Except it’s not a democratic organisation in charge. It purports to be. We elect our MEPs just as we do our MPs – but the crucial difference is that the agenda of proposed laws the MEPs can vote on is decided by the unelected European Commission. So we have laws decided which our government has to implement, decided by a bunch of plutocrats, technocrats & oligarchs. Not what I signed up for at all. I don’t believe the answer is to pull out of Europe, but we need to radically change the system there.

Of course, it’d all be so much better if we had a worldwide anarcho-socialist revolution, but that ain’t about to happen yet: as Noam Chomsky points out, we don’t have the anarchist infrastructure available to get in there before the corporations took over. If there were a revolution, it’d get quickly hijacked by the likes of Mohammed Morsi or big industry – Dow Chemical, Unilever, & the defence industry. So I’m being practical here. Until we have a situation where the current order can be phased out or got rid of in favour of worker-run locals & co-ops networking & working together in a needs-based economy without the need for money or profit as a driver, we need to find some way to keep the poor fed, old folks’ houses heated & kids in school.


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