Tales Of Kink.Com

So disappointed in Kink.com – I was turned on to them by Violet Blue’s rave review years ago where she enthused about the fact that before any session they’d film an interview with the participants & they’d have questions & answers about what they wanted to do, what their limits were, what limits they were prepared to push a little & what squicked them, and sought enthusiastic consent for the various acts they were about to do. After the session there’d be a follow up interview, asking what they enjoyed, what didn’t work, what they thought, would they like to come back & do another session sometime, & there’d be smiles & cuddles & closeness & it looked like they were conducting things in an ethical, responsible, safe, sane & consensual way.

It seems that was at best a veneer. So sad about this.

So, inviting comment here: does anyone know of porn sites that genuinely are ethical, responsible, safe, sane & consensual? Preferably collectives/coops, places where the participants are full stakeholders in everything that happens & where they get a proper share of the proceeds? Have any porn performers unionised yet, & if so, what union, & what are your experiences of that? Does it get you blacklisted to stand up for your rights?

In a way I see this as a microcosm of the greater world of work. In a way we’re all getting shafted to some degree. But I’d like to see if it’s possible for things to be done properly & well.


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