Open letter to Caroline Lucas

Matt Moran
12:45 (0 minutes ago)

to caroline.lucas.

Dear Ms Lucas,

(Open letter published on my Tumblr & WordPress blogs)

I’m pretty badly disappointed in you. After your colleague Jason Kitcat & his Green controlled council voted to cut Brighton Council workers’ pay by up to £4K/year (http://www.urban75.net/forums/threads/that-wonderfully-progressive-greens-party-is-about-to-bring-in-scab-labour.311238/ ) you rushed to defend the Green Party’s left wing credentials, joining a GMB sit-in & saying you’d get Kitcat to rethink his position. http://ceasefiremagazine.co.uk/lucas-joins-strike/ Now it seems you’re going round picking up litter in Brighton, effectively scabbing against the GMB workers. http://www.libcom.org/news/caroline-lucas-green-scab-17062013

I had been arguing with various trades union types that the TUC ought to switch from funding Labour to funding the Greens since according to the Political Compass the Greens were the only party left on the Left Libertarian quadrant – everyone else is in the right-wing authoritarian quadrant which gives us lefties little choice, especially when in order to conserve funds the Greens only field candidates where you believe you have a fighting chance. Given the lack of campaigning in areas where you don’t stand, that’s a catch-22 position, but one that getting the TUC on-side would sort out. Labour could fade into obscurity & irrelevance as the party that betrayed the working class while the Greens take up that mantle, and the right wing vote gets split between the Tories, UKIP, LibDems & what’s left of Labour.

But that’d be difficult if you go around saying you’ll back the unions on one day & then go scabbing against them not long after. What’s happening, seriously? I don’t want to be a spoiled ballot in the next general election. I want to vote Green, but I can’t if you do this.

Hopefully yours,

Matt Moran

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