I’m a somewhat irascible old git. I’m an Aspie, & so is my son, and my nephew & probably my sister as well, but we don’t “suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome”. If I suffer, it’s because of misunderstandings & either me or others not taking the time to understand or to explain properly why I do what I do or think as I do.

I’m very left-wing, and very anarchist by nature. I don’t believe in God or any other kinds of woo or sky-fairies. I like to program in Java when I can be bothered. Mostly I’m bothered about Java at work, because my job is basically fixing defects in other people’s bad code. I may point & laugh at them, but truth be told I’m not very good at writing completely new code – I get choice paralysis if the spec is too open. I like to know exactly what’s wanted, & then I can deliver something good.

I’m also a very lazy blogger. Mostly you’ll find me on Tumblr (see links), but occasionally I might want to really rant about shit at length, in which case I’ll probably post it here & just link to it on Tumblr. I tweet a lot outside working hours.

Oh – and about the name: it’s a reference to chaos theory. When you get a number of fairly simple things with straightforward rules that govern them interacting in ways that mean the output of more than one can affect the input of another, you get some very interesting behaviour that emerges from this. Usually it appears to some extent complex & random. Certainties tend to fall away, replaced by probabilities – and life is very much like that. Most of the things that affect life are pretty simple in principle, but wow, when they get together..! How that relates to this blog is, yeah, I have some pretty simple interests, but what turns up here may seem pretty random at times, because I often see patterns that emerge in one area that show up elsewhere – I see politics & philosophy & belief systems as all being inter-related. People ask questions thinking the answer is one thing, & they get an answer that they don’t expect & reply “Ah, but this was a philosophical question” & I’m like “Yes, and you got a philosophical answer” but they’re thinking it was a political one – but it’s essentially the same thing, or heftily overlapping at any rate.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. February 18, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    Hi, I absolutely love reading you blog, so I’ve tagged it for the Liebster Blog Award which helps link blogs together. I’ve written more about it here
    I look forward to reading more from you in the future! =]

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