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Romany Blythe & the Thatcher Funeral

I heard about Romany Blythe a couple of weeks ago, when she was plastered all over the Daily Heil, being vilified for setting up an anti-Thatcher “hate group”, planning to celebrate when Thatcher died & was buried. I was puzzled. Who is this person? Why did they pick on her? Aren’t there dozens & dozens of groups of people planning celebrations? 

Well, there are & there were. I’d been planning to crack open a few tins & celebrate since I was a kid. I was 9 when Thatcher was elected & promptly fulfilled my gran’s prediction that “The rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer”. Many, many of my friends are of similar opinions & inclinations. 

So, as far as I can see, Romany has been picked on fairly randomly, and maybe singled out because they were able to find pictures of her looking rather fetching in a pink corset. I gotta say, I don’t look nearly so good in a corset. Sex sells, so a picture of someone looking a bit risqué, the, I dunno, burlesque drama teacher? – that’d sell more papers than my ugly mug. 

Anyway, so, the Mail picked on her, and the supposedly Left-Wing press, the Grauniad, New Statesman et al, seem to be pretty deafening in their silence on the matter. Romany Blythe appeared on Sky News, to clarify that it wasn’t about hating on a little old lady – it’s about respect for her victims. As you’ll see from my previous post, Thatcher was an evil monster when in power, who ruined Britain & caused great suffering & loss of life here & abroad. It is very important that we do not let the only narrative about her being the hagiography being vomited forth upon us from Thatcher’s cronies through the entire British  media. Some of us, like Romany and like myself, lived through it. 

So, about Romany herself – I’ve been on the facebook group itself for a few days, because it seemed like a good place to co-ordinate protests/parties/etc & see what was going on generally. From what I’ve read there, she’s had to face a rising tide of threats by phone & by email, people slagging her off, making out that she’s evil for wanting to mark the passing of this friend to fascists & defender of Apartheid. She comes across as a perfectly decent individual. Some of these threats have included threats of deadly violence, shootings & so on, and then last night she had her phone stolen from her.

C’mon folks. People have committed suicide over this level of abuse & harassment. Leave her alone if you’ve nothing good to say, or if you’re like us & know Thatcher for the evil she was, show her some support. Romany’s one of the good guys & she doesn’t deserve this shit.

August 2020

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